Law Enforcement Grants


Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program (LETPP Grant)


The Madison County Sheriff’s Office was awarded a Homeland Security Grant.  This grant will fund the purchase of covert surveillance equipment and proximity card secure door access system for the 911 Center and Criminal Division doors.  This system will be installed in the spring of 2008



S.T.E.P. Grant


Another grant that deals with issued of speeding and aggressive driving behaviors is the S.T.E.P.  Grant.  Speeding and aggressive driving account for a large percentage of all highway traffic crashes in New York State each year.  Fatalities resulting from motor vehicle crashes remain one of the leading causes of death.  While public information and education efforts help prevent some of these behaviors, enforcement is the key to reducing the incidents of these behaviors and the associated crashes.


The Madison County Office of Sheriff has agreed to participate in the S.T.E.P. to Reduce Unsafe Driving Behaviors grant program, targeting speeding and aggressive driving, including red light running.  S.T.E.P. is defined as Selective Traffic Enforcement Program and refers to a program targeting specific traffic violations and behavior.  As defined in the scope of this project, aggressive driving refers to failure to yield the right of way, following too closely unsafe passing or lane usage and traffic control disregard, including red light running.



Buckle Up New York

Buckle Up New York is a statewide, zero tolerance enforcement campaign designed to increase safety restraint use in New York State. Although New York State enacted the first mandatory safety belt use law in the nation in 1984, it is estimated that today only about 84 percent of New York State motorists always wear safety restraints. The ongoing Buckle Up New York campaign works to continually increase this use rate.   If successful, the campaign will save an estimated 148 lives and more than $400 million dollars in economic costs to the public each year, and decrease the deaths, injuries, and property damage resulting from crashes on our highways.  Wearing a safety restraint can save your life!

Contrary to widespread public perception, failure to buckle up was an even greater factor in highway deaths than alcohol involvement in 2003.   Automotive engineers and highway safety professionals have long known that wearing safety belts is the most effective means of preventing death and minimizing injuries in motor vehicle crashes. As such, they are effective at protecting occupants regardless of the ultimate cause of the crash.   Safety belts and child restraints are the best way in which all motorists can protect themselves against all highway threats, including drunk drivers and aggressive drivers.



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