Corrections Staff 
Corrections Capt. Timothy Flynn
Administrative Corrections Lt. Jeff Franceschelli

Shift Commanders

Sgt. Jason DeJesus, 12-8 Shift Supervisor

Sgt. James Rine, 8-4 Shift Supervisor
Sgt. Jon Black, 4-12 Shift Supervisor


Lt. Charles Gibson
Training  Coordinator 
(all divisions)

Officer Anthony Scalzo
Accreditation Manager

Corporal Lynnda Simon
Transport Coordinator

Peter Villari
Programs Manager

Officer David Case
Inmate Recreation Officer

 Medical Staff  

  Imtiaz R. Samad, M.D.

  Becky Oster, R.N.

Lisa Peck, R.N.

Shawn Chase, R.N.

Jude Mignacca, R.N.

Sandra Conklin, R.N.

Elizabeth Aust, R.N.

    To Serve and Protect !
    Office of the Madison County Sheriff
    P.O. Box 16
    mpsville, New York 13163
    Phone: (315) 366-2318
    Fax: (315) 366-2286